Stability, Prosperity and People

The One New Zealand Party is an exciting new political movement that recognizes the need for positive change in New Zealand. It acknowledges that over the past 50 years of governance by successive Labour and National governments, there have been challenges that have impacted the social and economic fabric of the country. However, the party firmly believes that a brighter future is possible.

In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, New Zealand was a nation to be proud of. It led the world in terms of stability, productivity (prosperity), and prioritizing the well-being of its people. During that era, New Zealand gained international recognition for having the highest standard of living. These achievements were made possible by embracing the nation-building principles outlined in the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty brought together separate nations under a single entity, the Crown, with sovereignty resting completely within it (article one). It introduced property rights (the law) (article two) and promised protection and equal citizenship rights (article three).

In essence, article three ensured that ordinary people (maori) had the same rights as those in authority (rangatira). These rights were equivalent to the rights enjoyed by British subjects.

The One New Zealand Party aims to revive these values by advocating for a single source of sovereignty. It will do so by withdrawing from international treaties and pacts that compromise our sovereignty. The party is committed to protecting property rights and preventing race-based entities from entering agreements with the Crown. Additionally, it will restore a single standard of citizenship, thereby reinstating the template that enabled New Zealand to lead the world as a stable, safe, and prosperous place to raise a family.

Three Policy Section Statement

Our three Policy Sections are all related; each of them is designed to restore New Zealand’s sovereignty in different areas.

  • Stability: Restoring unity and equality in New Zealand, the One New Zealand Party aims to repeal the Treaty of Waitangi Act, fostering a harmonious society with a single standard of citizenship. Just as in 1840, unified citizenship played a pivotal role in building a stable nation. Additionally, the party will work towards prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory in the New Zealand-funded education system, promoting inclusivity and understanding.
  • Prosperity: With a forward-looking approach the One New Zealand Party plans to repeal the Public Finance Act and introduce a capacity-based monetary system. We can call this economy, “The People’s Economy” which will restore New Zealand’s sovereignty over its own currency. The government’s primary economic role is to provide for its people, including essential services like protection (police/military), healthcare, education, and energy stability, based on democratic decision-making.  Under the present limited money supply system “The Government’s Economy“, there is unnecessarily forced government debt and liability to unrelated third parties. Our government currently incorrectly believes that it gets its revenue by taxing people and businesses, this mistaken belief is responsible for an immense amount of needless suffering. Professor of Economics Stephenie Kelton has publicly stated that “The idea that taxes pay for what the government spends is pure fantasy.” Only a capacity-based money supply system “The People’s Economy“, which does not rely on a ‘balancing the books’ mentality, will transition us forward into being the same high-wage, and highly productive nation that we were in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.
  • People: The One New Zealand Party recognizes the importance of maintaining New Zealand’s sovereignty in decision-making. When signing treaties or pacts within the UN or other global entities, it is crucial to ensure they do not infringe upon our ability to make laws, govern, and control our borders. By prioritizing the sovereignty outlined in the Treaty of Waitangi, which entrusted sovereignty to the Crown and subsequently to the Parliament of New Zealand, we can safeguard our autonomy. The party acknowledges the need to avoid invasive and pervasive frameworks imposed by international bodies like the UN, WEF, and WHO, which extend to education, border control, and monetary system philosophy and practice. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Zealand health authorities and government should have been capable of making informed decisions without solely relying on external influences.

The One New Zealand Party believes in empowering the people of New Zealand to elect a government with full power and authority to govern the entire nation, ensuring equal rights and freedoms for all citizens. The type of freedom where they can live without government coercion.

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