Stability, Prosperity and People

The One New Zealand Party is a brand-new political movement that recognises that New Zealand has undergone a social and economic collapse over a period of approximately 50 years of governance by successive Labour and National governments. This was accelerated with the National Party signing of the UNDRIP and the Labour Party putting it into action.

However, during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s New Zealand was once a proud nation that led the world in terms of stability, productivity (prosperity), and putting people at the center of government policies. This was achieved as a result of the nation-building template laid down in the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, separate nations were drawn together as one with sovereignty resting 100% within a single entity, the Crown. Property rights (the law) were introduced along with a promise of protection and an equal standard of citizenship.

The One New Zealand Party will re-introduce those values in terms of a single source of sovereignty, by withdrawing from international treaties and pacts where our sovereignty is compromised. We will protect property rights by not allowing race-based entities to enter into agreements with the Crown. We will restore our single standard of citizenship and thereby restoring the template that allowed us to go on to lead the world in terms of being a stable, safe, and prosperous place to raise a family.

Three Policy Section Statement

Our three Policy Sections are all related; each of them is designed to restore New Zealand’s sovereignty in different areas.

  • Stability: Repealing the divisive and racist Treaty of Waitangi Act restores New Zealand to a single standard of citizenship and gives the government sovereignty over its entirety once more. Just as in 1840, it was a single standard of citizenship that was the catalyst for a stable nation. We will also ban the teaching of critical race theory in the New Zealand-funded education system.
  • Prosperity: Repealing the Public Finance Act and introducing a capacity investment-based monetary system restores New Zealand’s sovereignty over its own currency.  The main function of government is to provide for the people, whether that be protection (police/military), state-funded medical care, state-funded education, energy stability, or any other vital resource that is democratically decided.  Under the present limited money supply system, there is unnecessary forced government debt and liability to unrelated third parties i.e. as at October 30th, 2019 more than 50% of Government debt was held by overseas investors and it has been as high as 80%. The government currently incorrectly believes that it gets its revenue by taxing, this mistaken belief is responsible for an immense amount of needless suffering. Only a capacity-based money supply system, which does not rely on a ‘balancing the books’ mentality, will transition us forward into being the high-wage, highly productive nation that we were in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.
  • When New Zealand signs treaties or pacts within the UN which impinge on its sovereignty, and so it’s ability to make laws, govern and control our borders, this is a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty focused sovereignty on a single entity, the Crown, which has since transferred that sovereignty to the Parliament of New Zealand. The UN model is one of local-level (national) decisions being made under an imposed legislative framework from the UN. That framework is invasive and pervasive, including the imposition of race, gender and sexuality in education from early childhood, also border control and influences our monetary system philosophy and practice. A similar situation was forced on the people of New Zealand with our government taking cues from The World Health Organisation.

The people of New Zealand must be able to elect a government that has the full power and authority to govern all of the people of New Zealand as a single nation all with the same rights and freedoms.

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