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In this presentation, Andy Oakley examines Marxism as it is described by Dr Richard Wolff an American Marxian Economist. By comparing Wolff’s explanations with his own experiences in a business operating within a capitalist system, Oakley highlights the flaws in Wolff’s Marxist theory.


In this video, Andy Oakley looks at how mental disorders were first categorized and how as a result of this catagorisation some pharmaceutical companies first obtained their wealth and their power. Also, what they have gone on to do with this wealth and power that negatively impacts our health and well-being.  

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment: Contracting COVID-19 and any Variants of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Versus Injury from Vaccination Andy Oakley 23 November 2021 Background For certain businesses the government is mandating that people who deal with customers must be fully vaccinated. The government has not defined what ‘fully vaccinated’ means or is at least contradicting itself. One may […]

Fake News, Media and Labour’s Election Win

I stopped believing what the mainstream media (MSM) were peddling years ago. Mostly because I was targeted by them for daring to promote a narrative about race that didn’t fit with theirs, or indeed our New Zealand education system. They took my words and twisted them, they published biased personal opinions about me and also […]