Why We’re Still Needed..

Greetings New Zealand. In particular to those who, like us, are regretfully aware that none of the MPs voted into office recently demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the crucial issues facing us today, less still of their practicable solutions.

Two of these principle misunderstandings are:

  1. That fiscal policy for a monetary sovereign nation is not for the purposes of ‘balancing the books’ or ‘gathering revenue’. Our leaders are not elected to damage our society and economy by performing the masochistic contortion of attempting to limit the ‘net money supply’ (of which they are the sole issuer) to an arbitrary and meaningless number.

    Instead govt. needs to use fiscal policy to supply (spending) and demand (taxing) the dollar to organise the provisioning of resources, services, and infrastructure, to the purposes of meeting the needs of our people and environment, while at the same time also leaving enough ‘net dollars’ in the economy, for the value of the dollar to remain stable (near zero inflation or deflation) and for people and businesses to be able to spend, save, and prosper.

    Usually this means taxing LESS than is spent, so abolishing the regressive and dangerously trade punitive GST would be a great start.

    Learn more about the above here and also (more directly relating to New Zealand)  here.

  2. That any form of separatism in today’s low ‘social capital’, polarised and also largely economically disenfranchised society is a recipe for escalating cultural unrest and chaos. Our Single Standard of Citizenship policy is a sound method to redress the dangerous slide toward tribalism and bifurcation that we are witnessing today.

    Listen to Andy Oakley (1NZ Party leader) talk about this issue here.

We have attempted, to some success, to offer or entice our policies to other parties. However, we now realise that most importantly, WE need to be on the ballot for 2023 and likely many years beyond.

We have the people, we have the policies. Please join us as a financial member NOW for only $5 per three years.

Help us bring to the conversation, the policies that we need as a nation to become once again a world leader and global inspiration in terms of health, prosperity and innovativeness.

Warren Preiss

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